Yet Another ‘NEW year, NEW you’ blogpost

History repeating itself?

Same you, same tune?

This might sound like a funny question, but aren’t you a little tired of another ’NEW’ year? End of the year, just around Christmas, most of us go through the same predicament. We sit down, reflect and asess the year.

If you are like me, you would probably notice all the resolutions that didn’t come to place or even what bad habits picked up! Why don’t we look at the new year from a different angle?




In truth, every new day and new morning should be treated like Jan 1st!

We can set resolutions and goals – but I think we should make the goals smaller and a little more achievable bite-sized portions! Have a timeline and deadline – realistic ones. Most people dive in head first. They check in fast and check out fast. Solution? Break down the resolutions into little smaller resolutions or steps towards it.


Let’s stop that cassette tape from playing the same tune again and again, let’s make a mental decision to press the stop button and change it to a more vibrant mix tape.

For example: Resolution – Let’s get fit in 2015

Mini resolutions:

#1 Research what type of exercise activities/classes you want to try and decide on one (by end of January)

#2 Research where you can do that specific exercise or where you can go for classes and decide on one (by end of February)

#3 Reiki the centres/classes and go for trial classes and decide on one (by end of May)

#4 Start classes (by end of June)

#5 Follow through till end of year (and if you happen to stop halfway, make a mental note to get back on track – if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!)


Changes that happen overnight, tend to leave overnight as well.

Don’t stop yourself from trying new things, getting new experiences! Try that Zumba class you’ve always wanted to try. Go for that art class and pick up a new skill!



Ring a bell?


2014 – New Year felt like ‘News’ Year?

Have you noticed how extra tragic 2014 has been? The Peshawar school massacre and Sydney hostage crisis happened just last week. Even closer to home – dissappearance of flight MH 370 and then followed by flight MH 17 being shot down (by mistake). No doubt tragedies are not something new or different in terms of human history – but the impact it has, still resonates deep within.


With all the tragedy, let’s bring a spark back to everyday life!

Not a new concept of course, let’s all practice small acts of kindness. Everyone’s new year resolutions should also have at least one which involves being kind to others. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of practising act of random kindness – I would like to add on to that. Let’s practice a small kindness everyday!

I feel with acts of small kindness everyday can make an impact – not just to others, but in truth, to you as well! In a way, what goes around comes around?


Kindness (in small portions or big) is indeed the best gift of all

In fact, on the way to Lara’s Place, I was stuck at a traffic light and I saw an old lady in need. It seemed that she had been collecting old cardboard boxes all day. She had successfully gathered such a big load that it ALL fell off her tiny little bicycle! It was a busy road and cars where swooshing by. The old lady definitely couldn’t be seen.

Not more than 1 minute went past, I saw a man rush over to help her. He helped load all of it firmly back onto the bicycle. Not all heroes wear capes! Everyday heroes rarely need acknowledgement or stand out from the crowd. They are everywhere hiding in plain sight!

Instinctually, we want to help others in need. Be kind to others, even our own family! But you’d be surprised how many of us unfortunately turn away – lost in our own troubles or thoughts.


Let’s do a small kindness everyday!

Let’s all be heroes.

Start small, start now and start with those around us.


Ending 2014 on a high note – Social Morning Manicure meet up!

Lara’s Place teamed up with the beautiful ladies from Beauty from Ashes training school in Pittsburgh. We decided to spread a little Christmas and New Year joy with free manicures for everyone!



The turn out was incredible. Our little manicure stations started around 10am and even till 4pm, our lovely, beauty elves were hard at work!



The atmosphere was incredible – it was a mix between a Christmas party and a buzzing and chatty beauty parlour! It didn’t take long till it became a full blown social morning event that actually extended till evening! We have a different topic each month for every social morning we host at Lara’s Place. Do add us on FB and visit this site again soon to find out what topic we are hosting next!



Even the younger ones joined in the merry fun and requested for Frozen themed nails. Have a good season everyone! Do drop by Lara’s Place soon! It would be wonderful to meet you! More blogposts to come!


Written by, Elisha (Lara’s Place team member)