Our Activity Centre Videos

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Adults Fitness & Dance Classes - 2015


School Holiday Program - December 2014


Toddler/Kids Ongoing Classes

          Kimberly Yang learns Kickboxing! - The 2015 NEW Experience Project         Diana learns Zumba! - The 2015 NEW Experience Project         Suwena learns Wing Chun! - The 2015 NEW Experience Project         Jamie learns Belly Funk! - The 2015 NEW Experience Project         Ganesh learns Kickboxing! - The 2015 NEW Experience Project         School Holiday Program (Dec 2014) - Public Speaking Watch Yazmin, Celine, Edmund, Cynthia and Huey Qing present their speeches on causes close to heart.         School Holiday Program (Dec 2014) - Entrepreneur Kids Asia Holiday Business Program The evening before the kids entrepreneur bazaar at Tropicana City Mall, some participants were practising their sales pitches.         School Holiday Program (Dec 2014) - Creative Drama A pirate's life for me?         School Holiday Program (Dec 2014) - MTV Modern Fusion Dance Performance Watch Vinod, Aidan and Yi Meng bust some serious moves to Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off'!         Ongoing Kids Class - MTV Modern Fusion Dance Class preview         Ongoing Toddler Class - Music and Movement Class preview