Suwena learns Wing Chun! : Adult Fitness & Dance Classes @ Lara’s Place

Every year, I designate one activity as my “fun project” of the year. For 2014, it was swimming. This year, I decided to try something that I’ve always admired – kung fu! Thus, when I was invited to try out a class at Lara’s Place, it was a no-brainer what I would opt for – Wing Chun.







I hadn’t known what to expect walking into the class. My knowledge of kung fu only extends as far as what I’ve seen in the movies and at the parks around Klang Valley, but I tried my best to go with the flow. I was taught the basics, such as the correct stance, how to move and how to punch. All the students in the class appear to have been practicing Wing Chun for some time. However, they were all very welcoming and gracious to me, for which I am thankful for. Knowledge is openly shared and the seniors are all very helpful.





Since my trial class, I’ve come to learn that not all kung fu is the same. Wing Chun is just one of many styles of kung fu available, and it places an emphasis on energy. Whether you are executing a punch or deflecting one, you should try to do it without any energy wastage. If done right, you can even practice for hours without feeling tired.







By the end of the 90-minute class, I did not feel any tiredness but my forearms and knuckles were a little red, and I had unknowingly lost some skin on my knuckles as well. Just standing by watching the students practice, you’d never know that it’s actually not as easy as it looks. Nevertheless, it was a great experience, and one that has me eager to try out other styles before deciding on one.

I still have my “battle scars” on my knuckles as I write this (5 days later), but I say it with pride when someone asks me what happened: “Oh, I got this from Wing Chun!”




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