Party Events

Lara’s Place offers a wide range of activities for parties! We can customize a program for you based on your interests. We plan and host parties for kids, teens and adults. Just give us a ring to find out more.

Exciting programs and activities:

  1. Dancing Workshops
  2. Fun Singing/Vocal Workshop
  3. Musical Theatre Workshop (Kids /Teens/Adults)
  4. Musical / Musicbeat Workshop for Babies/Toddlers to 6 years
  5. Mandarin / French / Malay / English Language or/and Culture Workshops
  6. Photography Workshop –theory and practical (indoor/outdoor)
  7. Light Painting  Workshop / Event
  8. CPR & First Aid Course
  9. Amazing Magic Show or Magic Balloon Show
  10. Party Walkabout Balloon Sculpturing / or Magic Walkabout
  11. Magicians Workshop  (various levels/difficulty available to cater to kids or adults)
  12. Balloon Sculpturing Workshop
  13. Speech & Drama Workshop
  14. Wing Chun Kung Fu Workshop
  15. Yoga for Health Workshop
  16. Thematic Yoga Party for Children
  17. Dancing Workshops
  18. Options: Fusion / Line Dancing / Modern Jazz / Street Dance / Hip Hop / MTV Dance / Belly Dancing / Cultural Dances (Chinese, Malay, Indian, etc)
  19. Flower Arrangement Workshop
  20. Baking Workshop: Cakes/ Cookies / Pastries / Baking or Decorating
  21. Sewing Workshop or Course
  22. Grooming for young children (4-6yrs), kids (7-12yrs) and Teens (13-17yrs)
  23. Make-up Workshop
  24. ‘Know your Colors’ / Color Analysis Workshop
  25. Hairstyling Workshop
  26. DIY Manicure Workshop
  27. Manicure & Pedicure for Events/Parties
  28. Healthy Workshop
  29. Art and Design/Beyond Limit Art Workshop
    • Art Options:-Paintings, Illustration & Sketching, Cartoon Drawing, Tattoo Drawing, Manga Drawing, Mosaic Designing, Collage, etc
    • (Medium Options: Pencil, Charcoal, Pencil Color, Soft Pastel, Oil Pastel, Water Color, Rubber Paint, Ink, Acrylic, Oil Paint, Batik Paint, Mixed Medium, Etc!)
  30. Fashion Designing Workshop
  31. Creative Development Workshop
  32. Famous Artist  – Drawing/Painting Workshops e.g Van Gogh, Picasso
  33. Graphic Design Workshops
  34. 3D Modeling
  35. Computer Workshops e.g. basic computer, photoshop, web design, animation, illustration, etc
  36. Creative Face / Body Painting
  37. Mehendi Art Work Workshop
  38. Batik Painting on T-shirt, Scarf or Cloth
  39. Jewelry Making Workshop
  40. Beading Workshop (Clothing or Accessories or Decorative Items)
  41. Electronics Fun Activities – e.g build an alarm, flyer saucer, doorbell, etc

Creative Kids Arts & Crafts

  1. Wire Jigs / Charms Making
  2. Clay Art Sculpturing
  3. 2D to 3D Art drawing/painting and 3d Clay
  4. Candle Making
  5. Artistic Soap Making
  6. Ceramics Workshop
  7. Beading – Jewelry / Charms / Bookmarks / Accessories
  8. Decorate and Paint the Stone –
  9. Teddy Bear Making
  10. Dress Up my Loving Teddy Bear
  11. Animal or Vehicle Pencil Storage Stand
  12. Thematic Letter & Paper Hanging Storage
  13. My Glitter Loving Teddy Bear
  14. Dress Up my Lovely Princess
  15. My Glitter 2D Lovely Fairy
  16. My Pretty Sparkle Princess Crown
  17. My Super Disguise Mask
  18. T-shirt Painting
  19. Bag/Accessories Designing/Decorating
  20. My Star Sign or Chinese Horoscope Portrait – Sketch on the spot
  21. Tote Bag making with recycled T shirt
  22. Shoe designing and making workshop
  23. Painting or Designing of T-shirts, Jeans or Pants or Jacket or T-shirt or skirt or blouse or Hand Band or Neck Band or Head Band Scarf or Hair Accessories
  24. Jewelry/Multipurpose Box Craft Making
  25. Scrapbooking
  26. Book Binding
  27. Decorative Vases or Pots or Jars
  28. Table Lamp Painting with Decorative Accessories
  29. Decorative wooden Table / Stool / Chair / Cabinet
  30. Glass Painting with Decorative Accessories.
  31. Mirror Painting with Decorative Accessories.
  32. Frame Painting with Decorative Accessories,
  33. Collage Painting with Decorative Accessories,
  34. Canvas Painting with Decorative Accessories & Mosaics,
  35. Back Pack / Bag / Pouch Painting with Decorative Accessories,
  36. Cross Stitching
  37. Crochet
  38. Patchwork/Quilting-Freezer Paper, Paper Piecing
  39. Latch Hook Rug/Carpet Making

Outdoor Activities for Workshops/Events/Parties

  1. Nature Activities
  2. Farm Discovery
  3. Environment Workshop
  4. Archery Workshop / Archery Party Events
  5. Hot Air Balloon Workshop
  7. Creative Minds – Inventions, CSI, etc
  8. Build and Design a House Project
  9. Junior Gardeners Workshop

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