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Iridology – what does your eyes say about you and your health!
  • Hippocrates, a physician in 4BC said,"The eyes are windows to the soul". 
Curious to find out how this is possible and how it works, come to a sharing session on "iridology" ancient science and art of studying the irides that reveal the overall health conditions of your body!  
Sharing Speaker:
Elaine Tang received her Master in Iridology from University of Health Science Hawaii (2004); a Bachelor Degree (BSc. High Honours) in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health, USA  (2005); completed International Iridology Levels I,II& III,  Time Risk and Emotional Iridology courses. She is also a Founder and Life Member of MIPA** (Malaysia Iridology Practitioners’ Association).
The root of the mission
Elaine’s journey into Iridology was fueled by a personal family loss. Her father had a stroke way back in 1976, her mother in 1996, followed by several deaths of relatives.  In her quest for preventive healthcare, Elaine completed several complementary courses to time on Iridology. These include Colon Management,  Holistic Nutrition and various healing arts. She also stays abreast with the latest developments to maintain at the highest level of practice.  
  • Date: Wednesday, August 22nd 2018 Time : 9.30am onwards Venue: Lara’s Place, 26 Jalan 19/31, PJ (you may WAZE or GOOGLE MAP ‘Lara’s Place’)
  • Contribution: RM10 per pax (Breakfast)
  • Please call us at 03-79568768 to confirm your attendance (by August 18th)
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