School Holiday Program – All Ages

School Holiday Programs for 3+yrs to Teenagers!

LifeTime Happy & Healthy Mind & Body Program, World Explorers, Entrepreneurs Project, Chess, Magic, ZenCad Science, Theatre Camp, Empowered Students (Public speaking,NLP, Study Skills), How to Excel in School Workshop, Dance, Yoga, Capoeira, Art Workshops, Cooking/Baking, Clay Art, DIY Kite, Soap, Candle Making, Snowman, World Crafts, Fondant Decorating, Fashion Illustration, Coding, 3D Modeling, Build Android Apps, AutoCad, Photography & Illustrator.

  *Please note that on the Wed 15th Aug, the Best Chef cooking will exchanged time with capoeira- Capoeira will be held in the morning at 10am to 1130am and Best chef will be in the afternoon at 1pm-330pm. 
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Program Fee:
  • * Parkour Holiday Workshop RM50 per workshop / RM180 for 4 workshops Saturday 8am-10am Jul 21, 28, Aug 4,11,18 & 25
  • Special ART Workshops (Color Pens, Acrylic Painting, Water Color, Creative Doodle, Zentangle, Collage Art, Popsicle Stick Art, Faux Stain Art, Glue in Art, Stone Painting etc) 9yrs-Teens. RM100 per workshop. 1.5-2hrs.Mon-Sat btw 12-2pm(includes all art material).Pls check & book schedule in advance.
  • Full Day LifeTime Happy & Healthy Mind & Body Program - LT Dance/Yoga/Capoeira, Healthy Cooking / Creative Minds-Magic, Science & DIY Projects & Fun Social Team Games (5-12yrs) RM135/day or 5 days package RM630 (incl. 2-3 activities & lunch) You may choose the program marked with 'LT'. 10am-330pm/4pm (1-10 days) July 16-20,22-27, Aug13-17, 20-24
  • Dance/Yoga/Capoeira RM60 or 5 days RM270 Yoga 10am-1130am Jul 16-17,Aug 13-14/Capoeira 2-330pm Jul18-20,Aug15-17 or Dance 2-330pm Jul 23-27,Aug 20-4
  • * Best Chef Baking / Cooking Workshop RM70 per workshop or RM320 for 5 workshops package (incl. all ingredients and usage of equipment) Jul,Aug
  • Magician Workshop: 1 workshop RM80 or 2 days RM150 (incl all magic sets) Jul 16 130-330pm, Jul 27 10am-12pm, Aug 13 130-330pm, Aug 24
  • DIY Kite Making/Candle Making RM80 per workshop (includes all materials) Kite– Jul 20,Aug 17 // Candle-Jul 26, Aug 23 10am to 12pm
  • ZenCAD Science A:Volcano(5-10yrs) RM90 1-4pm Jul 17 or Aug 14
  • ZenCAD STEAM Density Boat (5-10yrs)10am-1pm RM90 or 3 days package RM240 Jul 23-25 // Levers-Scales & 3D Mobile (9-12yrs)10am-1pm RM120 or 3 days RM320 Jul 30-Aug 1
  • Saturdays ZenCAD STEAM 2-4/5pm:Parachute(5-8yrs) Jul 21 RM90/Parachute(9-12yrs) Jul 28 RM90 /Pinwheels(4-6yrs) RM50 2-4pm Aug 11/Noisemakers(7-9yrs) RM90 Aug 18 /Fireworks(10-12yrs) RM120 Aug 25
  • Science Holiday Program (5-12yrs) RM80 per day or RM350 for 5 days (includes all materials) 10am-12pm Aug 20-24
  • AutoCAD Workshops L1-Introduction / L2-2D Plans / L3-2D Parts / L4-2D Furniture (9yrs-teens) RM200 *own laptop installed with AutoCAD (free trial version available) & a mouse required. Laptop rental is available. Jul 16 9am-1pm, Aug 6 1-4pm or Aug 27 1-4pm
  • Photography & Photoshop RM180 *A digital camera or a smartphone with a camera, cable & laptop with Photoshop & camera software Jul 18 9am-1pm or Aug 7 or Aug 28 1-4pm
  • Adobe Illustrator-Vector Art for Kids(with printed T-shirt)-6 hrs course-RM320 *own laptop installed with Adobe Illustrator (free trial version available) & a mouse required. Laptop rental is available. 12pm-3pm Jul 19-20 or Aug 8-9 or Aug 29-30
  • Empowered Students Program - Public Speaking / NLP / Study Skills (Group A:7-11yrs / B: Teenagers) RM500 for 5 days 2-5pm Jul 23-27 or Aug 13-17
  • Public Speaking 3 days RM300 2-5pm (Mon-Wed) Jul 23-25 or Aug 13-15 / NLP Techniques RM150 2-5pm (Thu) Jul 26 or Aug 16/ Study Skills RM150 2-5pm (Fri) Jul 27 or Aug 17
  • Entrepreneur Projects – Soap Popsicles & Lollies /Artistic Wall Rack /Creative Holders /Candle Making & Glass Holder Designing /Cute Soft Toy RM80 per project or RM350 for 5 projects 10am-12pm Jul 30 to Aug 3
  • Theatre CampGroup A KIDDOS 4-6yrs RM400 10am-1pm / Group B PRE-TEENS: 7-12yrs RM700 10am to 4pm / Group C TEENS RM700 10am-4pm (1-5 days) July 30-Aug 3 or Aug 27-31
  • ArtVenture Jurassic -Collage Art /Dino Egg Rock Painting /Young Palaeontologist / Dinosaurs Fossils / Surface Art Painting RM80/day or RM350-5 days 130-330pm Jul 30-Aug 3
  • Smart Chess Camp : (min 5yrs to teens) 1 day RM70 / 4 days RM260 / 5 days RM300 (includes worksheets & usage of chess sets) 10am to 12pm Aug 6-10 or Aug 20,21,23 & 24
  • World Explorers Program Full day (Cooking, Crafts, Lunch & Games) France, Japan, Italy, Germany & USA RM135/4 days-RM520/5 days-RM630 10am-4pm Aug 6-10 or Aug 27-30
  • World Crafts -France-Matisse Painting/Japanese Carp Kite/Italy-Stained Glass/Germany- Build an Electric Car/Native American Dream Catcher RM80/4 workshops-RM300/5 workshops-RM350130pm-4pm Aug 6-10 or Aug 27-30
  • 3D Clay Art A -animal kingdom, B-cute teddy bears ,C-garden, D-clay on glass RM 80 or 4 workshops(A-D) for RM290 10am-12pm (Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri) July 13,14,15 & 17
  • 3D Clay Art F-Rainbow&Beach, G-Panda relaxing with bamboo, H-Giraffe in Jungle, I-Cute Mouse RM95 or 4 (F-I) for RM350 2-330pm (Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri) Aug 20,21,22 & 24
  • Fondant Decorating Workshop A-Jungle, B-Sea, C-Garden & D-Cartoon – RM90 per workshop or 4 workshops for RM320 10am-12pm (Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri )Aug 27,28,29,31
  • Realistic Snowman workshop RM180 2-4pm Aug 23
  • EduSMART How to Excel in School and Score A’s for Teenagers (2 Days) RM180 930am-1230pm (Thu-Fri) Aug 23-24
  • Coding Courses —Beginner Course 10hrs RM600 / Advance Course 15hrs RM800 *laptop & mouse required. Laptop rental available. Sat/Sun btw 930am-230pm.Please check & book schedule in advance
  • 3D Modeling Computer Course (8yrs-teens): Beginners RM50 /Advance RM60 per hour or 6 hours Package RM250/RM300. (6hrs package includes one free 3D model printing worth RM20). Students to bring a laptop with WIFI capability & a mouse with wheel button. Laptop rental is available. Sat/Sun btw 930am-230pm. Please check & book schedule in advance
  • Build Android Apps (min 8yrs-teens): RM70 per hr(min 2hrs)/RM400(6hrs)//RM500(10hrs)- *Android phone,laptop & mouse required. Sat/Sun btw 930am-230pm. Laptop rental is available. Please check and book schedule in advance
  • * Fashion Illustration Workshop (9yrs to teens) RM145 10am to 12pm Sat Aug 4
Schedule and itinerary are subject to changes. Optional: Lunch RM15 per day (full day program includes lunch). Debit Atm & Credit Card are accepted at Lara’s Place.
Cheques or bank in: Rix Management Services Sdn Bhd - Hong Leong a/c 00100306130 (pls whatsapp receipt to 0178862687 or email to
LARA’s PLACE Tel: 03-79568768. Website:
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