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**ONLINE OPTION** available for certain programs.

**Young E-Entrepreneurship (E-Business), Christmas Chefs & Crafts, World Explorers, **Theatre Camp, Cooking/Baking, Creative Projects, 3D Soaps, Health & DIY Personal Care Program, **Empowered Students, **Entrepreneurship & Public Speaking, Lego, Magic, Science, Theme Programs, Manicure & Nail Art, and Essential Life Skills Program (Sew, Money, Cook, Customs, DIY, Safety, Health, Eco-Green, Social, EQ & Communication) 

Register Early as limited to 8-10 pax per program only! 

VENUE: 21-2 (2nd Flr, Jalan 17/56, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya
download holiday program dec jan 2020-schedule and fees

FULL DAY PACKAGE– 2 programs &lunch 10am-230pm RM150 or 5 days RM700/ EXT PACKAGE-3 programs & lunch 10am-4pm RM195 or RM950 (*applicable for certain programs)
**ONLINE OPTION** available. *kindly note that if the circumstances only allow for online programs only, the duration and timing are subject to changes according to needs.


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Holiday Programs:

BEST CHEFS  Cooking/Baking Workshops (Christmas Pizza, Food Carving, Gingerbread Cookies / House , Puff Pastries, Baked Cheese Crackers, Crepes with Fruits & Yogurt,  Nachos, Honey choc chip cookies, Veg Tortilla Wrap, Popping candy cupcakes, Fruit Puff Pastries, Brownie Cookies, Lemon Slice,  Cheeseburgers, Handmade Noodles, Gyoza, Pizza and Essential Cooking     RM80 per workshop or RM350 for 5 workshops 10am-12pm 

* CHRISTMAS CHEFS & PROJECTS Create awesome christmas recipes and creative  special Christmas projects and gifts! Please view details .half day - RM80, full day -2 programs &lunch 10am-230pm RM150 or 5 days RM700/ EXT PACKAGE-3 programs & lunch 10am-4pm RM195 or RM950 Dec 21-25

*CREATIVE PROJECTS Workshops (Christmas Projects, Garden Terrarium, Ice-cream Sundae Candle, DIY Electric Boat, Flip Flop Shoes, DIY Jeeps, Stain Art Painting, 3D Soaps, S ) 1-230pm/230-4pm RM80 per day or RM350 for 5 days Dec 21-25, Jan 4-8, 11-15

* DIY PERSONAL CARE WORKSHOPS -Hand Sanitizer,Bubble Baths, B-Mosquito Repellant and Soap Bars / C- All Purpose Disinfectant and Toilet Cleaner Bombs / D- Liquid Hand Soap and Body Lotion/ D- Natural Toothpaste & Cuticle Oil 2-330pm RM80 per workshop / 5 days RM350 Dec 28-Jan 1

* EMPOWERED STUDENTS PROGRAM- NLP / Study Skills / Public Speaking(10yrs– teenagers) RM500 for 5 days 1-4pm Jan 4-8 **ONLINE OPTION RM450

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND PUBLIC SPEAKING (9yrs to teens) 5 days 10am to 330pm RM150 per day / RM700 Jan 11-15 **ONLINE OPTION RM600

* ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM– (Sewing, Smart Shopping & Money Skills/Essential Cooking, Table Setting and Food Customs/DIY Skills (DIY projects) ,Personal & Home Safety/Healthy Lifestyle (activities) & Eco-conscious (Creative Recycles, Eco-products & Food Gardening) / Personal Development-Social & Emotional intelligence and Confidence & Communication Skills Workshop 10am-330pm RM150 or RM700 for 5 days Jan 18-22

*HEALTH & PERSONAL CARE PROGRAM (includes Healthy Snack Cooking, Fitness Activities & DIY Personal Care)  - 10am - 330pm RM160 or 750 for 5 days Dec 28-Jan 1

LEGO© Play to Express(5-7yrs)10am-12pm 1 day RM80/5 days Jan 4-8

LEGO© Play to Excel(8-12yrs) 10am-1230pm 1 day RM100/5 days RM450 Jan 4-8

MAGICIANS Workshops: RM80/day,RM350/5 days (incl. magic materials to take home) Jan 4,8,18-22

* MANICURE and NAIL ART Drawing workshop(8yrs-TEENS)- tools, techniques for cutting, filing, shaping, cleaning, applying cuticle oil, hand massage & nail polish, nail art drawing (include usage of all tools and materials) Participants will receive a set of nail set & cuticle oil to take home! RM120 10am-12pm Jan 8

SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE’ hands on workshops- Kinetic Energy & Lung’s model & capacity,Surface Tension & Centripetal Force, Stable Structure & Chromatography, Chemical Reaction & Non-Newtonian Fluid,Muscles & Skeleton (includes materials)RM90/day or RM400/5 days Jan 18-22

* SOAP 3D—Magical ball/star soaps, Flower Terrarium Soap, Cupcake Soaps, Dolphin at the beach soap, Cookies Soap, Carps in a pond soap, Sushi soaps & Christmas soaps RM80/RM350 for 5 Dec 21,25, 29, Jan 4-8, 13,14

SPOTLIGHT THEATRE CAMP — 5 Days Dynamic Public Speaking, Literature, Self-Esteem, Creativity, Dvelopment of Awareness & Empathy through exploring Monologues, Infomercials and Several Skits.  Parents will be invited to a showcase performance on the last hour (last day) of the camp Group A (4-7yrs) RM300 10am-12pm / Group B (8yrs-TEEN) RM700 10am to 330pm. Dec 28– Jan 1 **ONLINE OPTION-RM250 / RM600

* THEME PROGRAMS (includes best chefs, creative projects and 3D soaps workshops) A-CHRISTMAS WEEK (see schedule) B-MAGICAL (Magic popping candy cupcakes, Magicians workshop & Magical soaps) C– GORGEOUS GARDENS (Fruit Puff Pastries / Garden Terrarium & Flower Terrarium soap) D– DELICIOUS DESSERTS (Brownie Cookies, Ice-cream sundae candle & Cupcake Soaps) E-BEAUTIFUL BEACH (Beach Lemon Slice, DIY Electric boat & 3D Dolphin at the beach soap) half day - RM80, 2 programs &lunch 10am-230pm RM150 or 5 days RM700/ EXT PACKAGE-3 programs & lunch 10am-4pm RM195 or RM950 Dec 21-25 and Jan 4-7

* WORLD EXPLORERS PROGRAM– Food, Language, Culture, Country, Traditional Games and Crafts—France(Puff Pastries, Fashion Flip flop shoes), USA(cheeseburger,DIY Jeep), China(Handmade noodles, 3D Carps in pond Soap), Japan(Gyoza, Sushi Soaps), Italy(Pizza, Stained Glass Painting) 10AM-330PM RM160 or 5 days RM750 Jan 11-15

* YOUNG E-ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM (9yrs to TEENS) 10am-330pm RM150 / 5 days -RM700 (laptop /camera or phone required for certain workshops) Dec 21-25 **ONLINE OPTION RM600

*FULL DAY PACKAGE– 2 programs &lunch 10am-230pm RM150 or 5 days RM700/ EXT PACKAGE-3 programs & lunch 10am-4pm RM195 or RM950 (*applicable for certain programs)

Space is limited to 8-10 only! Bookings are only confirmed with payment.


Schedule & itinerary are subject to changes.  Optional: Lunch RM15 per day (full day programs or package include lunch).

Booking must be confirmed with payment. Bank in: Rix Management Services Sdn Bhd - Hong Leong a/c 00100306130 (pls whatsapp receipt to 0178862687 or email to

Lara’s Place: Tel: 0178862687 Email: Website:


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download holiday program dec jan 2020-schedule and fees