Diana learns Zumba: Adult Fitness & Dance Classes @ Lara’s Place

I’ve actually been out of touch with dancing since I left school some years ago. I was intrigued when Lara’s Place invited me to try out a new dance class at the center! They are spearheading a mini movement of getting everyday folk like you and me to step outside our comfort zones and try something we never thought possible or in most cases, just couldn’t find the time to do it – be in work or family.

In truth, I do believe that a little attention to your own personal wellbeing goes a long way and you’d be surprised how better able, effective and attentive you will actually be with work and with dealing with all life would usually hurl your way!

So I thought… Why not?

I was not prepared for my 1st  Zumba lesson..

Michelle, my instructor was a nice petite lady with a rather sunny disposition. Michelle expressed rather passionately that Zumba was dance incorporated with aerobics excercise with an added difference of awesome, fun and contemporary music!

And indeed it was!




Zumba, it turns out is a myriad of different forms of dance and the music used is predominantly latin in nature. Through Zumba, we get to have fun and cleanse one’s mind and soul ALL via coordinated but expressive physical movement.

The very pleasant side affect of Zumba would definitely be the physical fitness and stamina that will build up with practice.

A full mind and body detox and cleanse!






Having danced before, I could grasp the steps and movements Michelle taught and soon enough, I could let lose and engage myself to the latin funky music.

I must say Zumba was totally not what I had expected!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found the upbeat steps and music to be uplifting! After class was over, I was pleasantly surprised to find my mind and thoughts wonderfully relaxed and clear.

A mini mental reboot you could say. 

In that 1 hour of Zumba class, I truly danced and danced like no one was watching and I let myself get lost in the music. With the little nudge of Zumba, I truly feel happy and blessed that my love for dance bloomed within me once more.

My classmates were all fun, friendly and supportive. We all fumbled here and there. But that’s the joy of classes at Lara’s Place – you feel like you are at home, just hanging out with the girls and getting our groove on!

Can’t wait for the session… cheers people!!! ~ Diana






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