Elisha learns Kickboxing! : Adult Fitness & Dance Classes @ Lara’s Place

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you everyone from Lara’s Place for giving me the opportunity to experience something new! I guess you could say I’m not exactly the epitome of physical fitness. I decided to try out kickboxing because of the 3 following reasons:

I’m a TV show geek.

I’ve been brain washed (self induced) to picture the perfect woman as strong kick-ass fighters who also happen to be very pretty and smart! Note the word perfect. Since I am no close to being perfect, nor is anyone truly. I thought why not at least be one of the three? So, fighter I shall be?




I am not fit.

I’m just not cut out for exercise that feels like exercise. Kickboxing seemed appealing because in my mind, I definitely know I’m not built to be slim – so why not aim to be ripped!

Fight like a girl? Good.

Everyone can do with a stress busting activity! Some find it in Yoga (which I do like to practice!) and  manage to find inner peace and stillness. I practice Yoga – but as most instructors would say, I am too flexible, I am too ‘yin‘ and I definitely need more ‘yang‘! So ‘yang‘ I shall go and try the most physically active, strength and stamina building activity – kickboxing!






Kickboxing Class at Lara’s Place with Sensei Tony

I wouldn’t say I was nervous, I was more resigned to the fact that there is no running away from getting fit and trim. Not for physical looks entirely, I just hated feeling heavy and I seem to have to drag myself here and there. Going up a flight of stairs at one point in time, I found incredibly taxing!

So what was class with Sensei Tony like?

Cardio! Why must there be cardio?

This is my first reaction of course, it was tough doing the push ups, sit ups, burpees and the odd array of cardio exercises I don’t normally do OR haven’t even seen before! But determined to ‘not look bad’, I went ahead and did it. I killed it! (for my standards anyways..)

Cross, jab, uppercut, hooks and round house kicks!

We went through it step by step. It was easy to follow Sensei Tony. He was very encouraging insisting that I’m not as terribly out of shape as I thought! Very kind of him. We did combos (ala shadow boxing) up and down the classroom.




Boxing gloves!

Even putting them on (by the way, all provided by Sensei Tony) felt awkwardly awesome! Felt a little heavy and weird but when it came to punching the shields – I kind of felt like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (back when vampires where not that sparkly). Sensei Tony’s playlist of kickboxing music even set the mood for it!

All in all – I went back home with a mini endorphin high. I woke the next morning aching and in pain BUT I have to mention, it’s the good type of pain. Kickboxing was intense in a good way, so much so I didn’t have time to think what usually crosses my mind – ‘Oh dear, I have to lose weight! Ughh, why must I exercise?’.

The kickboxing class kept me so engaged that once the hour was over, I was like wwhhhattttt?  It’s over? – That feeling. That was definitely a FIRST!







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