2D to 3D Art






Learn 2D to 3D Art

(Drawing, Coloring/Painting to 3D Model Making)

* Drawing, Coloring & Painting & Clay Sculpturing!

 *2D to 3D—Colored drawing to 3D model making!

 Themes: * Jungle Safari * Insects * Sea Creatures * Flowers

* Fruits * Movie World * Own Imagination *


2d to 3d art

I’ve Got Rhythm-Music & Movement Program for Preschoolers

FREE Music Trial 31 July 2015 – 2.30pm – 3.15pm



rythmRhythm is everywhere – in our heartbeats, our everyday activities and in nature. IGR develops a child’s awareness of rhythm and music through the instrument he is most familiar with – his body. It is a physical approach to learning music through body movements whilst engaging students through games and activities. IGR focuses on teaching eurhythmics (good rhythm), solfege (ear training) and improvisation (spontaneous musical expression). This course is ideal for children to grasp a good understanding of rhythm and an appreciation for music before they move into specific instrument studies.

Adrene Wong
Adrene has been teaching piano privately for 7 years. Besides private teaching, she also has experience teaching music to children with special needs and a few short stints as a drama teacher. Her love for the stage has landed her in various roles in theatre and choral productions. ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’ is her first foray into teaching musical concepts through body expressions away from the piano. Among many other passions of hers are sewing, social work and motherhood!

Make Up Basic for Day & Night // Tutorial for Young Adults & Students // Advance Level

Make Up Courses:

* Make Up Basics for Day & Night Workshop

* Make Up Tutorial for Young Girls Preparing for College / Workforce

* Advance Level Make Up Workshop

Group & Private classes are available!  Please check schedule or request your own date.

MAKEUP FOR DAY AND NIGHT WORKSHOPYouths-brochure.pptxAdvanced MU-brochureCourse Fee: 

* Make Up Basics for Day & Night Workshop (Group Class RM88 / Private Class RM150)

* Make Up Tutorial for Young Girls Preparing for College / Workforce (Group Class RM88 / Private Class RM150)

* Advance Level Make Up Workshop (Group Class RM108 / Private Class RM170)