Finding Balance: Love, Life, Family and Passion

Yes, it’s pretty straight forward. We ALL know that balance it is important. We ALL know that we need to find balance both physically and mentally.

But how many of us truly practice this?

How many of us actually have the time (or make the time) to practice this?

We believe that the art of ‘finding balance’ is very similar to, let’s say ‘patience’. Patience isn’t something unique to certain individuals. It isn’t a gift. We would like to object to the common line people use ‘Oh, she’s just naturally, innately patient’. In truth, patience is much like a muscle. It needs to be trained, it needs active repetition until, like muscle memory, patience becomes second nature. So yes, finding balance is a journey and requires this very same practice and repetition.

It’s not as simple as A + B = Balance.

If it were, we would all be masters of zen!


Happiness is a pleasant side affect of a balanced life *smiles*


Let’s put things out in easier more digestible point form?

Things most of us tend to forget

  • Learning a new skill, hobby or even polishing that talent you have adds on to life gives us drive and in some way, purpose.
  • Work, money and family – yes, are all very important BUT ‘me time’ is equally as important.
  • If you are better rested, better motivated and even inspired, there is much more you can offer to your loved ones.
  • Don’t feel guilty for pursuing your own dream.
  • Face to face socializing – Less Facebook socializing.
  • Get out! Play! Don’t miss out on life!


Finding balance isn’t easy – but if at first you fail? Try and try again!

It’s like balancing on a tight rope sometimes, but with repetition and practice, anything is possible!


No kidding!

  • In Asian culture context, generally academic related skills get the most accolades and attention.
  • Coming home with an ‘A’ on the report card seem to take precedence over ‘leveling up’ on an activity or skill.
  • Activities and socializing, that seem at the moment not equally as important – Really truly is! Life skills and experience is priceless.
  • Kids need to work those creative and communication muscles. They have the natural ability to sponge information and skills at lightning speed, but without stimuli of art and creativity, those muscles don’t get developed.
  • Build up confidence via balance – Let them realize that they are worth much more than just their grades.
  • Snip anxiety and depression in the bud! Kids in this generation are more susceptible to these conditions. Despite their natural resilience and adaptation skills, Kids now are generally smarter than previous generations, but more socially awkward – which leads to a whole myriad of other issues.

Everything in moderation – isn’t that the true meaning of balance?


Don’t ever be afraid of trying something new. Wouldn’t life be boring without new experiences? Step outside your comfort zone. You’d be surprised how others will follow suit.


Wait a minute, how about adults?

  • There is a tendency to work hard and not smart or effectively.
  • Working hard is not a bad thing, but if it overwhelms you and overpowers your life, then it’s time to detach and pick up a skill and hobby.
  • You will realize how it actually makes you work more effectively. I kid you not! Give it a try.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise – there is no point fighting it.
  • Didn’t get the head start of learning a skill from a young age? Develop a ‘so what’ attitude if you tend to gravitate towards shyness when learning new things.
  • There are plenty adult classes to try! We have this fear of failing that is sometimes so strong that life just stays stagnant and there is just no improvement in any aspect due to our inability to accept that failure.
  • Sometimes getting things wrong or looking and feeling awkward is just part of the learning curve.
  • Dare to fail! Dare to feel awkward!
  • All professionals started out a newbie. It’s just depends on our tenacity and dedication to follow through.



  • You suddenly have so much time on your hands that you probably have no clue where to start! Start with learning a new skill.
  • The internet is always accessible – you can learn almost anything on the internet via info sites and videos. But of course, attending classes would be the best scenario.
  • Socializing doesn’t end – branch out!


Goo goo, gaa gaa

  • Toddlers ideally should learn basic social skills and learn now to be afraid of new people or new experiences.
  • Keeping them active helps with making them more balanced adults in the far future
  • Build up those brain cells! Enroll them in IQ related programs like JELIC or get them confident and strong with our Music and Movement classes.


We are a growing community of all ages! Join us. We would love to meet you!


Why Lara’s Place?

There really is no other place more convenient or diverse in programs as Lara’s Place. We are truly a ‘one stop solution’. Kill those 2 birds with sending your little ones for art class and at the very same time, attend a zumba class! You don’t have to continue waiting in the car reading the newspapers and fiddling with your phone *smiles*.

Parenthood is difficult, you definitely deserve some ‘me time’. It sometimes feels like you need a 48 hour day! The bulk of it is spent running around due to different activities at different locations. Lara’s Place gives you endless options in terms of classes and programs all under our humble little roof.


So what say you? Wanna give ‘a balanced life’ a go? There really is nothing to lose! We’d be humbled and honored if you choose to start it with us!

The journey of an amazing thousand miles, begins truly with a single step?

Till next time!

~ Elisha (Lara’s Place Team member)

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