Halloween Pet Rock Monsters Family Activity!  Limited to 10 families!
Date: 27th October 2018, Saturday
Time: 230-4pm
Fee: RM80 per family pair, RM10 for additional pax
* Make a family of pet rock monsters with rock clay and accessories!
* Family bonding
* Bring out your creativity!
* Fun with rock clay crafting!
* De-stressing and relaxing!
* Bring home a cute family of pet rocks!
Registration: Register by 20th Oct at Lara’s Place or bank in to Rix Management Services Sdn Bhd—Hong Leong 00100306130 and email receipt to larasplace@gmail.com.
Lara’s Place. Tel: 03 79568768 Website: www.larasplace.my

2D to 3D Art

        2D to 3D ART FINESSE Learn 2D to 3D Art (Drawing, Coloring/Painting to 3D Model Making) * Drawing, Coloring & Painting & Clay Sculpturing!  *2D to 3D—Colored drawing to 3D model making!  Themes: * Jungle Safari * Insects * Sea Creatures * Flowers * Fruits * Movie World * Own Imagination *   2d to 3d art