Halloween Pet Rock Monsters Family Activity!  Limited to 10 families!
Date: 27th October 2018, Saturday
Time: 230-4pm
Fee: RM80 per family pair, RM10 for additional pax
* Make a family of pet rock monsters with rock clay and accessories!
* Family bonding
* Bring out your creativity!
* Fun with rock clay crafting!
* De-stressing and relaxing!
* Bring home a cute family of pet rocks!
Registration: Register by 20th Oct at Lara’s Place or bank in to Rix Management Services Sdn Bhd—Hong Leong 00100306130 and email receipt to larasplace@gmail.com.
Lara’s Place. Tel: 03 79568768 Website: www.larasplace.my


You are invited to the Halloween Pop Art Party!
Come and join our Halloween Pop Art Party with your friends & family!!!
Prizes for the best costume & artwork!
Limited to first 20 pax
☠ Date : 20th October 2018, Saturday
☠ Time : 2 ~ 4pm
☠ Age : age 4 & above
☠ Fee : RM57, FREE for parents
What you will learn?
➢ USA artists Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts Zentangle®
➢ Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa Pop Art®
Why you need to join us
✔ to relax mind
✔ to be more focus
✔ to be more patience
✔ to build art sense
Who is the instructor
Teacher Queenie Puah (BA, UK) has 10 years experience in teaching art therapy class for normal/ special kids, working adults, training for kindergarten teachers and retired teachers. ❝ Hi, I am Teacher Queenie, who loves to interact with children and parents via art. I don’t teach children art instead I share with them the methods to express their unspoken feelings (anger, sadness, disappointment) and creativity through art. "Your child! precious like a gem.'' If you want your children to spend a quality time to pick up a new hobby, to improve their motor skills, and if you want to grow them into a REAL ARTIST, then our art courses might be a great choice for your children.❞
Location: Lara’s Place 26, Jalan 19/31, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/o75x1xbSNLJ2, we are opposite SRJK Puay Chai
For reservation Whatsapp receipt: <Name> - <Age> - to 012 - 629 7942

Art & Design Classes For Teens & Adults With Abbie

  • This is an excellent opportunity for any Teens or Adults (no age maximum!) with any level of experiences (total beginners to advance levels) to learn Art!
  • We offer all types of Art, including water color, poster color, sketching, drawing, oil and acrylic painting, as well graphic/advertising designi and creative crafts.
  • Classes are conducted in an environment where students enjoy art, be motivated to learn, develop their confidence and feel included and valued.
  • The art classes are specially designed to maximize and explore each learner's creative potential and skills in art.
  • Art students will also learn and discover the different art elements, how to express themselves through art, various techniques and methods of painting, sketching and designing.
  • You may also request for evaluation and guidance for your Art Examinations / Projects.
  • Students are also encouraged to participate in art events and competition. Many of the students have received awards for their Artworks!
Art Teacher’s Profile – Teacher Abbie is a Graduate from Kuala Lumpur College of Art ( fine art). She is an Artist and an Art Teacher for more than 16 years. Her specialty ranges from oil painting, watercolour, acrylic, sketching to art and design. She is a very passionate about teaching and feels that it is most important that students enjoy the Art classes. Many students have continued to learn under her for many years…longest being 11 years! Some even continue to come back for Art classes during their College’s semester breaks. She has also given guidance to many students who achieved As for their Art examinations and top awards for competitions! Testimonials:
  • “Enjoyed the class, very good for beginners and Miss Abbie is patient teacher.”
    • “Really interesting course. Not just understand the technical way, but explain more about the soul of her skills of teaching us to paint. By learning art, I understand they are many approaches to solve a particular problem.Thank you, teacher Abbie for your reception.”
  • “I loved the classes. I learned a lot from teacher Abbie that help me improve my drawing skills. The staff from the centre are lovely, great and very kind. The place is very nice. I loved the atmosphere in the classroom. Thank you very much Lara’s Place for offering me this great opportunity. Thank you, teacher Abbie, for giving me the chance to learn from you.”
  • “As usual a really enjoyable class. As advised by teacher Abbie, it would be great to have a few exercises to show how to hold and use the brush for the particular topic before we launch into our full composition. There is plenty of time for this in the class and will help everyone improve their technique.”
  • “Lucky enough to have a one to one lesson. Learnt something new. Very relaxing during art lesson because arts teach students to think through and within a material. Plus, I won an international prize that will motivate me to go further.”
  • “After my children learnt art, they know how to express themselves in a piece of artwork and make easy for them to connect with others.”
    • “After learning art my child attention span increases and he can focus longer than usual.”
  • “Art is mysterious, enchanting and amazing because it builds connections between me and my son. He will share with me his artwork. He really enjoyed art moment.”
    • “Teacher Abbie and her team were really welcoming and friendly. We have so much fun and learnt a lot in 3 hours during school holidays program and will definitely be returning. She is a brilliant art teacher!”

2D to 3D Art

        2D to 3D ART FINESSE Learn 2D to 3D Art (Drawing, Coloring/Painting to 3D Model Making) * Drawing, Coloring & Painting & Clay Sculpturing!  *2D to 3D—Colored drawing to 3D model making!  Themes: * Jungle Safari * Insects * Sea Creatures * Flowers * Fruits * Movie World * Own Imagination *   2d to 3d art