Music, Movement and Dance for Kids

Music, Movement and Dance (2 to 7 years)

Sundays 1030am to 1115am

for 2-4yrs RM120/mth


Sundays 1115am to 1215pm

for 5-7yrs RM120/mth

Music, Movement & Dance is a mixture of dance movements from various cultures in a smooth and seamless formation so as to make the dance enjoyable by the participants and the audience.  In this course the participants will explore various styles of dance be it hip hop, jazz, modern and classical.

Your children will also benefit from movements which incorporates right and left brain connections, both hemispheres working in unison to open learning pathways.

Our program will also:

¨ Incorporate realignment of the body

¨ Promotes spatial awareness

¨ Music appreciation

¨ Expression in movement

¨ Creativity

¨ Social interaction skills



Watch a class video!

About the Instructor

Michelle has over 10 years experience in dance. Being versatile, she is trained in contemporary, brazilian afro, brazilian samba, salsa, merengue, raggaeton, cumbia, bachata and even capoeira. She believes that being an instructor is not so much about looking for career advancement, but about surrounding herself around people that will collectively encourage each other to be the best version of themselves.