3D Modeling with Computer

  • 3D Modeling is available on Weekdays or Saturdays  between 9.30am to 3.00pm (1hr/2hrs/3hrs)
3D MODELING PROGRAM 2016 3D Modeling Computer Course :
  • Beginners RM 50 / Advance RM 60 per hour
  • Package RM250 / Advance RM 300 for 6 hours (includes 1 free model printing)
  • RM 20 per model printing
  • Students need to bring own laptops with WIFI capability and a mouse with a wheel button
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Diana learns Zumba: Adult Fitness & Dance Classes @ Lara’s Place

I've actually been out of touch with dancing since I left school some years ago. I was intrigued when Lara's Place invited me to try out a new dance class at the center! They are spearheading a mini movement of getting everyday folk like you and me to step outside our comfort zones and try something we never thought possible or in most cases, just couldn't find the time to do it - be in work or family. In truth, I do believe that a little attention to your own personal wellbeing goes a long way and you'd be surprised how better able, effective and attentive you will actually be with work and with dealing with all life would usually hurl your way! So I thought... Why not? I was not prepared for my 1st  Zumba lesson.. Michelle, my instructor was a nice petite lady with a rather sunny disposition. Michelle expressed rather passionately that Zumba was dance incorporated with aerobics excercise with an added difference of awesome, fun and contemporary music! And indeed it was!   P1030552_Fotor   Zumba, it turns out is a myriad of different forms of dance and the music used is predominantly latin in nature. Through Zumba, we get to have fun and cleanse one's mind and soul ALL via coordinated but expressive physical movement. The very pleasant side affect of Zumba would definitely be the physical fitness and stamina that will build up with practice. A full mind and body detox and cleanse!   P1030562_Fotor P1030599_Fotor P1030614_Fotor   Having danced before, I could grasp the steps and movements Michelle taught and soon enough, I could let lose and engage myself to the latin funky music. I must say Zumba was totally not what I had expected! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found the upbeat steps and music to be uplifting! After class was over, I was pleasantly surprised to find my mind and thoughts wonderfully relaxed and clear. A mini mental reboot you could say.  In that 1 hour of Zumba class, I truly danced and danced like no one was watching and I let myself get lost in the music. With the little nudge of Zumba, I truly feel happy and blessed that my love for dance bloomed within me once more. My classmates were all fun, friendly and supportive. We all fumbled here and there. But that's the joy of classes at Lara's Place - you feel like you are at home, just hanging out with the girls and getting our groove on! Can't wait for the session... cheers people!!! ~ Diana   P1030620       collage adult class    

Elisha learns Kickboxing! : Adult Fitness & Dance Classes @ Lara’s Place

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you everyone from Lara's Place for giving me the opportunity to experience something new! I guess you could say I'm not exactly the epitome of physical fitness. I decided to try out kickboxing because of the 3 following reasons: I'm a TV show geek. I've been brain washed (self induced) to picture the perfect woman as strong kick-ass fighters who also happen to be very pretty and smart! Note the word perfect. Since I am no close to being perfect, nor is anyone truly. I thought why not at least be one of the three? So, fighter I shall be?   IMG_8297_Fotor_500x666   I am not fit. I'm just not cut out for exercise that feels like exercise. Kickboxing seemed appealing because in my mind, I definitely know I'm not built to be slim - so why not aim to be ripped! Fight like a girl? Good. Everyone can do with a stress busting activity! Some find it in Yoga (which I do like to practice!) and  manage to find inner peace and stillness. I practice Yoga - but as most instructors would say, I am too flexible, I am too 'yin' and I definitely need more 'yang'! So 'yang' I shall go and try the most physically active, strength and stamina building activity - kickboxing!   IMG_8298_Fotor_500x666   IMG_8300_Fotor_500x666   Kickboxing Class at Lara's Place with Sensei Tony I wouldn't say I was nervous, I was more resigned to the fact that there is no running away from getting fit and trim. Not for physical looks entirely, I just hated feeling heavy and I seem to have to drag myself here and there. Going up a flight of stairs at one point in time, I found incredibly taxing! So what was class with Sensei Tony like? Cardio! Why must there be cardio? This is my first reaction of course, it was tough doing the push ups, sit ups, burpees and the odd array of cardio exercises I don't normally do OR haven't even seen before! But determined to 'not look bad', I went ahead and did it. I killed it! (for my standards anyways..) Cross, jab, uppercut, hooks and round house kicks! We went through it step by step. It was easy to follow Sensei Tony. He was very encouraging insisting that I'm not as terribly out of shape as I thought! Very kind of him. We did combos (ala shadow boxing) up and down the classroom.   IMG_8299_Fotor_500x666   Boxing gloves! Even putting them on (by the way, all provided by Sensei Tony) felt awkwardly awesome! Felt a little heavy and weird but when it came to punching the shields - I kind of felt like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (back when vampires where not that sparkly). Sensei Tony's playlist of kickboxing music even set the mood for it! All in all - I went back home with a mini endorphin high. I woke the next morning aching and in pain BUT I have to mention, it's the good type of pain. Kickboxing was intense in a good way, so much so I didn't have time to think what usually crosses my mind - 'Oh dear, I have to lose weight! Ughh, why must I exercise?'. The kickboxing class kept me so engaged that once the hour was over, I was like wwhhhattttt?  It's over? - That feeling. That was definitely a FIRST!   IMG_8283_Fotor         collage adult class  

Suwena learns Wing Chun! : Adult Fitness & Dance Classes @ Lara’s Place

Every year, I designate one activity as my "fun project" of the year. For 2014, it was swimming. This year, I decided to try something that I've always admired - kung fu! Thus, when I was invited to try out a class at Lara's Place, it was a no-brainer what I would opt for - Wing Chun.     P1030524_Fotor_500x666 P1030479_Fotor_500x375 P1030507_Fotor_500x375   I hadn't known what to expect walking into the class. My knowledge of kung fu only extends as far as what I've seen in the movies and at the parks around Klang Valley, but I tried my best to go with the flow. I was taught the basics, such as the correct stance, how to move and how to punch. All the students in the class appear to have been practicing Wing Chun for some time. However, they were all very welcoming and gracious to me, for which I am thankful for. Knowledge is openly shared and the seniors are all very helpful. P1030511_Fotor_500x375 P1030480_Fotor_500x375 P1030486_Fotor_500x375   Since my trial class, I've come to learn that not all kung fu is the same. Wing Chun is just one of many styles of kung fu available, and it places an emphasis on energy. Whether you are executing a punch or deflecting one, you should try to do it without any energy wastage. If done right, you can even practice for hours without feeling tired.   P1030490_Fotor_500x375 P1030494_Fotor_500x375   P1030501_Fotor_500x375   By the end of the 90-minute class, I did not feel any tiredness but my forearms and knuckles were a little red, and I had unknowingly lost some skin on my knuckles as well. Just standing by watching the students practice, you'd never know that it's actually not as easy as it looks. Nevertheless, it was a great experience, and one that has me eager to try out other styles before deciding on one. I still have my "battle scars" on my knuckles as I write this (5 days later), but I say it with pride when someone asks me what happened: "Oh, I got this from Wing Chun!"   P1030530_Fotor_500x375  

 collage adult class

Yet Another ‘NEW year, NEW you’ blogpost

History repeating itself?

Same you, same tune?

This might sound like a funny question, but aren’t you a little tired of another ’NEW’ year? End of the year, just around Christmas, most of us go through the same predicament. We sit down, reflect and asess the year. If you are like me, you would probably notice all the resolutions that didn’t come to place or even what bad habits picked up! Why don’t we look at the new year from a different angle?   10423747_10152496183486053_5096444096518326417_n   In truth, every new day and new morning should be treated like Jan 1st! We can set resolutions and goals - but I think we should make the goals smaller and a little more achievable bite-sized portions! Have a timeline and deadline - realistic ones. Most people dive in head first. They check in fast and check out fast. Solution? Break down the resolutions into little smaller resolutions or steps towards it.   Let’s stop that cassette tape from playing the same tune again and again, let’s make a mental decision to press the stop button and change it to a more vibrant mix tape. For example: Resolution - Let’s get fit in 2015 Mini resolutions: #1 Research what type of exercise activities/classes you want to try and decide on one (by end of January) #2 Research where you can do that specific exercise or where you can go for classes and decide on one (by end of February) #3 Reiki the centres/classes and go for trial classes and decide on one (by end of May) #4 Start classes (by end of June) #5 Follow through till end of year (and if you happen to stop halfway, make a mental note to get back on track - if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!)   Changes that happen overnight, tend to leave overnight as well. Don't stop yourself from trying new things, getting new experiences! Try that Zumba class you've always wanted to try. Go for that art class and pick up a new skill!   10858478_10153143842932580_8643422730850044317_n

Ring a bell?


2014 - New Year felt like 'News’ Year?

Have you noticed how extra tragic 2014 has been? The Peshawar school massacre and Sydney hostage crisis happened just last week. Even closer to home - dissappearance of flight MH 370 and then followed by flight MH 17 being shot down (by mistake). No doubt tragedies are not something new or different in terms of human history - but the impact it has, still resonates deep within.   With all the tragedy, let’s bring a spark back to everyday life! Not a new concept of course, let’s all practice small acts of kindness. Everyone’s new year resolutions should also have at least one which involves being kind to others. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of practising act of random kindness - I would like to add on to that. Let’s practice a small kindness everyday! I feel with acts of small kindness everyday can make an impact - not just to others, but in truth, to you as well! In a way, what goes around comes around?  

Kindness (in small portions or big) is indeed the best gift of all

In fact, on the way to Lara’s Place, I was stuck at a traffic light and I saw an old lady in need. It seemed that she had been collecting old cardboard boxes all day. She had successfully gathered such a big load that it ALL fell off her tiny little bicycle! It was a busy road and cars where swooshing by. The old lady definitely couldn’t be seen. Not more than 1 minute went past, I saw a man rush over to help her. He helped load all of it firmly back onto the bicycle. Not all heroes wear capes! Everyday heroes rarely need acknowledgement or stand out from the crowd. They are everywhere hiding in plain sight! Instinctually, we want to help others in need. Be kind to others, even our own family! But you’d be surprised how many of us unfortunately turn away - lost in our own troubles or thoughts. image

Let’s do a small kindness everyday!

Let's all be heroes.

Start small, start now and start with those around us.  

Ending 2014 on a high note - Social Morning Manicure meet up!

Lara’s Place teamed up with the beautiful ladies from Beauty from Ashes training school in Pittsburgh. We decided to spread a little Christmas and New Year joy with free manicures for everyone!   10614179_10152503665211053_2840895299940576587_n The turn out was incredible. Our little manicure stations started around 10am and even till 4pm, our lovely, beauty elves were hard at work!   image-1 The atmosphere was incredible - it was a mix between a Christmas party and a buzzing and chatty beauty parlour! It didn’t take long till it became a full blown social morning event that actually extended till evening! We have a different topic each month for every social morning we host at Lara's Place. Do add us on FB and visit this site again soon to find out what topic we are hosting next!   10686799_10152503665026053_6270885918900171399_n Even the younger ones joined in the merry fun and requested for Frozen themed nails. Have a good season everyone! Do drop by Lara's Place soon! It would be wonderful to meet you! More blogposts to come!  

Written by, Elisha (Lara’s Place team member)


Finding Balance: Love, Life, Family and Passion

Yes, it's pretty straight forward. We ALL know that balance it is important. We ALL know that we need to find balance both physically and mentally. But how many of us truly practice this? How many of us actually have the time (or make the time) to practice this? We believe that the art of 'finding balance' is very similar to, let's say 'patience'. Patience isn't something unique to certain individuals. It isn't a gift. We would like to object to the common line people use 'Oh, she's just naturally, innately patient'. In truth, patience is much like a muscle. It needs to be trained, it needs active repetition until, like muscle memory, patience becomes second nature. So yes, finding balance is a journey and requires this very same practice and repetition. It's not as simple as A + B = Balance. If it were, we would all be masters of zen!   Happiness is a pleasant side affect of a balanced life *smiles*   Let's put things out in easier more digestible point form?

Things most of us tend to forget

  • Learning a new skill, hobby or even polishing that talent you have adds on to life gives us drive and in some way, purpose.
  • Work, money and family - yes, are all very important BUT 'me time' is equally as important.
  • If you are better rested, better motivated and even inspired, there is much more you can offer to your loved ones.
  • Don't feel guilty for pursuing your own dream.
  • Face to face socializing - Less Facebook socializing.
  • Get out! Play! Don't miss out on life!
  Finding balance isn't easy - but if at first you fail? Try and try again! It's like balancing on a tight rope sometimes, but with repetition and practice, anything is possible!  

No kidding!

  • In Asian culture context, generally academic related skills get the most accolades and attention.
  • Coming home with an 'A' on the report card seem to take precedence over 'leveling up' on an activity or skill.
  • Activities and socializing, that seem at the moment not equally as important - Really truly is! Life skills and experience is priceless.
  • Kids need to work those creative and communication muscles. They have the natural ability to sponge information and skills at lightning speed, but without stimuli of art and creativity, those muscles don't get developed.
  • Build up confidence via balance - Let them realize that they are worth much more than just their grades.
  • Snip anxiety and depression in the bud! Kids in this generation are more susceptible to these conditions. Despite their natural resilience and adaptation skills, Kids now are generally smarter than previous generations, but more socially awkward - which leads to a whole myriad of other issues.
Everything in moderation - isn't that the true meaning of balance?   Don't ever be afraid of trying something new. Wouldn't life be boring without new experiences? Step outside your comfort zone. You'd be surprised how others will follow suit.  

Wait a minute, how about adults?

  • There is a tendency to work hard and not smart or effectively.
  • Working hard is not a bad thing, but if it overwhelms you and overpowers your life, then it's time to detach and pick up a skill and hobby.
  • You will realize how it actually makes you work more effectively. I kid you not! Give it a try.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise - there is no point fighting it.
  • Didn't get the head start of learning a skill from a young age? Develop a 'so what' attitude if you tend to gravitate towards shyness when learning new things.
  • There are plenty adult classes to try! We have this fear of failing that is sometimes so strong that life just stays stagnant and there is just no improvement in any aspect due to our inability to accept that failure.
  • Sometimes getting things wrong or looking and feeling awkward is just part of the learning curve.
  • Dare to fail! Dare to feel awkward!
  • All professionals started out a newbie. It's just depends on our tenacity and dedication to follow through.


  • You suddenly have so much time on your hands that you probably have no clue where to start! Start with learning a new skill.
  • The internet is always accessible - you can learn almost anything on the internet via info sites and videos. But of course, attending classes would be the best scenario.
  • Socializing doesn't end - branch out!

Goo goo, gaa gaa

  • Toddlers ideally should learn basic social skills and learn now to be afraid of new people or new experiences.
  • Keeping them active helps with making them more balanced adults in the far future
  • Build up those brain cells! Enroll them in IQ related programs like JELIC or get them confident and strong with our Music and Movement classes.
  We are a growing community of all ages! Join us. We would love to meet you!  

Why Lara's Place?

There really is no other place more convenient or diverse in programs as Lara's Place. We are truly a 'one stop solution'. Kill those 2 birds with sending your little ones for art class and at the very same time, attend a zumba class! You don't have to continue waiting in the car reading the newspapers and fiddling with your phone *smiles*. Parenthood is difficult, you definitely deserve some 'me time'. It sometimes feels like you need a 48 hour day! The bulk of it is spent running around due to different activities at different locations. Lara's Place gives you endless options in terms of classes and programs all under our humble little roof.   So what say you? Wanna give 'a balanced life' a go? There really is nothing to lose! We'd be humbled and honored if you choose to start it with us! The journey of an amazing thousand miles, begins truly with a single step? Till next time! ~ Elisha (Lara's Place Team member)