Make Up

The Day and Night Make Up Workshop Date: Saturday 20 May at 415pm to 615pm Fees: rm88 MAKEUP Basics for Day and Night Workshop Learn an Easy and Practical Makeup Application with us! You will learn how to Achieve Everyday Natural Beauty Look and Transform it into Sophisticated Night Look! Makeup Basics which is designed […]

Social Morning Meetups

THIS MONTH SHARING TOPIC: DE-STRESS AND GET CREATIVE WITH COLOR SPLASH ART Let’s meet up! Take a social break, come relax, make new friends and find out the latest in town! We would love to meet you – Share a good tip with us such as great food places, latest bargains, travel, cooking, DIY, work and […]

School Holiday Program – Teenagers

Awesome September Holiday Programs for Teenagers! We offer school holiday programs friendly to teenagers.  These activities cater to building creativity, team work, confidence, social skills, personal development and life skills. Our programs are conducted by experienced instructors with high expertise in their given skill. Family Nature Trip, Financial Savvy, Independent Living Camp, Etiquette, Grooming, Build […]

Lara’s Place: Activity & Learning Center

 Highlights for the Month: EVENTS – *Mother’s Day Family Cooking – Tiramisu and Flavored Popcorn,  *Social Morning – De-stress and Get Creative with Color Splash ART FOR ADULTS: NEW! Jump Aerobics (Trampoline Fitness) Wed 7pm   *Latin Partner Dance -Adults Tue 730pm,   *Color Splash Art Workshop on May 25th or 27th  *Make Up Workshop on Sat May 20th 415pm  FOR KIDS: […]

Social Morning

Social Morning – De-stress and get creative with Color Splash Art Time: 930am Fees: rm10 include breakfast SOCIAL MORNING @LARA’S PLACE Come relax and find out the latest in town! We love to meet you and make new friends! Share a good tip with us… such as a great food place, bargains, travel tip, cooking […]

Cooking Workshop on 11th March 2017

COOKING WORKSHOP @ LARA’S PLACE Learn how to Make Delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken, Vegetarian Loh Hon Zai and Pumpkin Cheesecake! Registration Form Cooking Workshop Menu *1)Sweet & Sour Chicken,  2)Vegetarian Loh Hon Zai and 3)Pumpkin Cheesecake Cooking workshop will also include learning how to make cooking easy, and preparation & cooking techniques and tips! […]

Wing Chun Kung Fu Information

WING CHUN KUNG FU FOR LADIES, MEN & CHILDREN! Excellent for Exercise, Self-Defence & Socializing! Wing Choon Kuen originally was part and parcel of Shaolin’s Buddhist theoretical studies. It stressed mainly the formation of one’s personal character and ethics. Kuen Faat (martial techniques) was initially human’s imitation of the movements of animals and birds. After […]

Social Morning

Social Morning Meetup! Our next Topic is an interesting one for the ladies!  All About Bras!  Why wear a bra? Common bra mistakes How to measure your correct bra size How to wear a bra How to choose the right bra for you *Quality Bras will be available for sale- RM35 only!       […]